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mixed use properties
Farms and Mixed use Properties
1st August 2017
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What You Need To Know About ECO
9th August 2017

Until recently firms have struggled with ECO solutions for homes with these beautiful traditional farmhouse systems..

C ustomers would love to enjoy the benefit of 90% efficient heating systems which save them money on fuel and heat the home quicker and more efficiently but they were reluctant to lose the centrepiece of their kitchen and a place for the family to gather at the end of a long cold day. Somehow it just isn't the same gathering around a white aluminium almost silent box!

We had our engineering Partners at Borthwicks look into this and they have designed a system which brings customers the best of both worlds, retaining the Traditional System and it's capabilities but having a hidden ultra efficient A-Rated boiler doing the real donkey work. We have installed lots of these newly designed systems now and our customers are over the moon. If you would like us to look at designing you a new ultra efficient system whilst still retaining your beautiful traditional kitchen centrepiece please get in touch.