23rd July 2018
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ECO3 Funding: What We Know So Far

A new round of ECO funding is set to launch on 30th September 2018 - this is what we know so far.
8th March 2018
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OFTEC Calls For Intervention Following Winter Death Surge

OFTEC calls for urgent heat policy intervention following winter death surge.
23rd February 2018
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Penny’s Story

Penny and her husband Iain have 5 children and live in Tadcaster.
8th January 2018
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TPS Registration Tutorial

Are you being hounded by cold calls about replacing your boiler?
22nd November 2017
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Boiler Scrappage Scheme Announced

Rural Funding Services are very pleased to announce the beginning of a boiler scrappage
1st November 2017
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Turning Up the Heat in Rural Homes

We got in touch with one of our recent customers to see how they were getting on with their new system
26th October 2017
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16 Words That Mean Something Completely Different When You Live in the Countryside

You have no idea, townsfolk..
5th October 2017
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How Old Should My Boiler Be Before I Replace It?

With winter on the way, it is more important than ever to think about the efficiency of your boiler.