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8th January 2018
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8th March 2018

Penny and her husband Iain have 5 children and live in Tadcaster.

T here property is a 6 bed bungalow and they found it hard to keep the house at the right temperature. They had very special requirements when it came to heating their home as the family went through a devastating time when their daughter, Grace, turned 2.

She was playing on her bed one night and she collapsed.

After being rushed to the nearest hospital they soon found out that Grace had a blood clot at the top of her spine and it had burst, resulting in her being paralyzed from the neck down. With them having a disabled child they need the temperature of their house to be consistent as Grace cannot get too hot or too cold.

Penny and Iain have had to fund a lot of things themselves for Grace and they knew the boiler needed to be replaced one day but it always got pushed to the bottom of the list. This scheme was seen by Penny and thought she would send an application form in as she had seen her friend like Rural Funding Services on Facebook. Iain was not too sure about the scheme as he thought no one gets anything for free so he called our marketing team and took him through the process and by the end of the phone call he was more than happy to go ahead. The family now have a well heated home and are very happy with their install. Penny rated us 10/10 when we went to interview her, she couldn’t be happier. If you would like to check out the full interview with Penny click the video below.

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Posted by Rural Funding Services on Monday, 5 March 2018

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