Changes to The Energy Company Obligation Since April 2017

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1st August 2017

On 1st April 2017 there were significant changes to the ECO scheme which opened it up to a lot larger audience.

T he Credits and Benefits that were already included are Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits, Pension Credits, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) but now they have also added Job Seekers Allowance, Income support and Universal Credit. However the biggest and most significant change in the rural areas we work is that the amount of income allowed to be earned and still qualify has increased and is now tied to how many children an applicant has.

So where before someone with 3 Children claiming Child Tax Creditscould not earn in excess of £16,010 this has now been more than doubled to £32,400 for someone with 4 children this rises to £36,600 These changes mean a lot of people who may think they can't qualify or have tried before and not been successful will now be able to access the funding pot.

If you think you may qualify or would just like to check then please get in touch and we will let you know within 48hrs. Any enquiry will not effect your claim and your details are kept confidential.