ECO3 Funding: What We Know So Far

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A new round of ECO funding is set to launch on 30th September 2018 - this is what we know so far.

Reminder: These guidelines have not been finalised by the government yet and are still subject to change

E co3 is fast approaching and the government are opening this round of funding up to a wider variety of products as well as a more lenient qualifying criteria; and this funding pot is set to run for 4 years. The government has recognised that the current Boiler Replacement Scheme qualifying criteria is very specific and it meant that a lot of people who were struggling with fuel poverty but were just over the earning limits or weren't on the right credits ended up missing out.

The new funding pot will be putting a lot more emphasis on ensuring homes are fully insulated as opposed to focusing on replacing inefficient heating systems to reduce the UK's carbon footprint. This ties in with their aim to make the UK less reliant on fossil fuels.

A list of available measures include the following:

  • Loft insulation - lofts with less than 100mm of insulation qualify
  • Room-in-roof insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • External wall insulation - for solid stone/brick homes
  • Replacement LPG boilers - for boilers 5 years or older
  • Replacement Oil boilers - for boilers 5 years and older
  • Electric Storage Heater replacements

While heating system replacements are on ECO3, at the moment the rates are too low for these measures to be fully funded. We are hoping this will change by January 2019 and we will be able to offer these measures again.

Perhaps the most exciting development for the new funding is that it is going to be open to a lot more people as the qualifying criteria is a lot more inclusive. All of the credits that qualify currently - Tax Credits, Pension Credits, ESA, JSA, Income Support - will still qualify in ECO3. However, at the moment there are household earning limits for Tax Credits. From September 2018 there will be no earning limits for Tax Credits. Continuing with this idea of helping fuel poor households with young children that maybe don't qualify for Child Tax Credits, the government has decided to allow those receiving Child Benefit to qualify for funding, with a sliding scale based on how many children are in the household - as a guideline they have said a couple with one child can qualify with a household income of £25,500.

Additional credits that will now qualify include: Qualifying Credits

If you are interested in the new funding and would like to check if you and your property is eligible, you can complete our free funding check by clicking here or calling our support team on 01642 909660.