Farms and Mixed use Properties

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Changes to The Energy Company Obligation Since April 2017
25th July 2017
AGAs, Stanleys and Rayburns now qualify
AGA’s, Stanleys and Rayburns now Qualify
7th August 2017

Some people are under the impression that Farms cannot benefit from the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO Scheme)

This is because the scheme is for residential premises and not business. We can confirm that this is not the case and that as Farmers pay Council Tax and are exempt from business rates they can qualify to have the heating replaced in their home as long as the heating system is over 5 years old and the qualify by being on Working Tax, Child Tax, Pension Credits or a list of other credits and benefits available on the Do I Qualify section on the Home page of our site and remember its anyone in the home, Grandma, Grandad, Daughters etc..