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8th November 2018
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With a slow start to the launch of ECO3 we are pleased to announce that we have some concrete guidelines for the funding that is available.

W e have had our funding confirmed under the guidelines stated below until April at least, at which point it may be subject to change. There is funding available for both on-gas and off-gas properties, with different focuses and different measures available for each. To qualify for any funding under the ECO scheme, someone in the household must be receiving some kind of government credit such as Child Benefit, Tax Credits, DLA, PIP, ESA, Pension Credits etc.,

On Gas Properties

The main type of funding that we have for on gas properties is to replace boilers 5 years or older with a brand new A-rated system. We install Ideal Boilers as standard, but Worcester Bosch boilers are also available upon request with an added contribution. Some insulation measures are also available for on gas properties, namely loft insulation and cavity wall insulation where the cavity has not been previously filled. We use bead insulation to prevent any absorption of moisture in all properties we install wall insulation for.

Please Note: At the moment we are unable to work with rented properties, and you may be approved for full funding or partial funding based on your property type - for more information click here.

Off Gas Properties

We currently have funding for the following fuel types: LPG, Solid Fuel, Electric Boiler, Electric Storage Heaters and Electric Room Heaters. At the moment we are not able to fund any measures for Oil properties - we were hoping it would come back onto the funding but unfortunately this is not the case for the foreseeable future.

There is a range of insulation measures available for all off-gas fuel types depending on the property type including: Cavity Wall Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation, Room in Roof Insulation and Loft Insulation. Each property is not limited to a single measure, any measure that would benefit the property will be recommended by our technical team after a survey has been completed.
Privately rented properties that are off the gas network do qualify for funding.

First Time Central Heating

Properties that currently do not have a central heating system installed are able to qualify for a First Time Central Heating Grant - properties which have up to two radiators installed are also eligible. The grant allows us to install an LPG boiler, LPG tank, and radiators in every habitable room. This is subject to a survey with our technical team, who will make a recommendation based on what would benefit the property the most.

If you would like to look into the current round of ECO funding you can take our two-minute funding check by clicking 'Funding Check' at the top of the page or clicking here