Insulation Measures

What kinds of insulation are available through ECO Grants?

With the transition from ECO2t to ECO3, there has been a big shift in focus from replacing older boilers and central heating systems to insulating homes as much as possible in an effort to reduce the carbon tonnes used in the UK. If you or someone in your home is in receipt of any of the qualifying government credits, you could be entitled to have your home insulated with any form of insulation it could benefit from - for example if your home does not have loft insulation or cavity wall insulation you would be entitled to both under this funding.

Loft Insulation

If your loft is uninsulated you are currently losing around 25% of your homes heating through the roof, so this quick and easy process is one of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly fuel bills. If you have no loft insulation or your current insulation is below 100mm your home could qualify for funding to bring it up to the required 300mm level. Our technical team are well experienced with loft insulation installations and pride ourselves on an average installation time of 1-3 hours - once the insulation has been laid it does not require any upkeep or maintenance and could save you up to £250 per year.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Insulation Drill Hole

Properties that were built within the last 100 years are most likely to have cavity walls, two layers of brick with a small space between. If the cavity has not been filled it could be responsible for up to 35% heat loss from your home depending on the surface area of your walls - the easiest way to see if the cavity has been filled or not is to look for these small drill holes in the wall that would have been made to fill it (see right). There are different types of cavity wall insulation, our technical team exclusively uses polystyrene beads as it is deemed the most effective at stopping heat from escaping through the walls. The average annual saving from having cavity wall insulation installed is over £200 per year

Can I benefit from more than one type of insulation?
Yes. Once your funding has been approved our technical team will come and do a free technical survey, and they will give any recommendations that your property will qualify for subject to your agreement.
Is there any risk involved?
Our partner installers Borthwicks recently won National Installer of the Year and all of our work is fully covered by their insurance so in the extremely unlikely case, any damage to your property which is our fault will be made right.
Is my property eligible?
We carry out Free property technical surveys and tenant checks to establish whether Grants are available. This can be completed within days of an initial enquiry.