South Lanarkshire Council Approves LA Flex Funding

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Thousands of Homes Now Qualify For Dual Measure Funding
2nd May 2019

South Lanarkshire Council have approved Local Authority Flexibility Funding for Rural Homes.

W e are now working in partnership with an expert installer who is able to submit properties to the South Lanarkshire Council for LA Flex Funding; which means that those who do not receive government credits but want to improve their homes energy efficiency can still access the ECO funding pot.

What is LA Flex Funding?

LA Flex Funding allows Local Authorities the power to set their own eligibility criteria for ECO funding, allowing those who do not receive government credits to still reduce their energy bills and improve their home's efficiency through ECO funding pots. It also allows more flexibility with granting funding for rented properties as well as housing association properties, while HHCRO funding only allows for owned properties access to the scheme.

In the South Lanarkshire Council Statement of Intent, they have estimated that around 23% of homes in South Lanarkshire would be deemed as living in fuel poverty, some of which may not qualify for ECO funding through the HHCRO route (which requires government credit). They instead use an eligibility criteria which assesses the property itself rather than it's occupants - it takes into account how old the building is, fuel and heating system type, as well as EPC rating. It also has criteria to protect those who would be vulnerable to the cold such as households with children under 16, elderly or disabled occupants, or those suffering with a long term illness.

LA Flex funding includes measures to improve your homes energy efficiency such as: Internal Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Room in Room Insulation and Underfloor Insulation.

If you think your home would benefit from any of these measures and live in the South Lanarkshire Council area, you can complete our online funding application to see what level of funding is available to you, regardless of benefits received. Click here to complete the form or call our office on 01642 909660 to speak to a member of our team.

To read the full South Lanarkshire Council Statement of Intent click here