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Mains Gas ECO Funding

Does my boiler qualify?

To qualify for funding your boiler must be 5 years or older and use mains gas for its fuel

Rural Funding Services has secured funding for the foreseeable future to replace mains gas boilers and upgrade insulation measures where possible in the Scottish Boarders & Northern England areas. To be able to access this funding someone in the household must be receiving government credits such as Child Benefit, Tax Credits, Pension Credits, DLA, PIP ESA, etc,. a full list of qualifying credits can be seen here.

If you think your household might qualify you can complete our funding check form by clicking ‘Funding Check’ in the menu above or the button below.

Will it be fully funded?

The funding that is released per property is based on each individual property’s build type – it’s wall type, size and how many heat loss walls it has – the more inefficient a property it is by these indicators the more funding it will release. Generally speaking, those with cavity walls or those that are attached to another property will be approved for partial funding and a contribution would be needed.

Please note: All partial funding contribution estimates are subject to survey – a visit from our technical team is cost free and also obligation free.