Sustainable Energy and ECO

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11th October 2018
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8th November 2018

Here at Rural Funding we are dedicated to promoting a sustainable energy future through the ECO scheme.

W ith the recent launch of ECO3 there has been a significant shift from simply replacing inefficient heating systems with new A-rated ones, to insulating homes up to regulation, in order to reduce the carbon emissions of properties in the UK. This comes from the aim to reduce the amount of energy we get from fossil fuels - the infographic below shows that around 45% of the UK's energy supply comes from fossil fuels, where only 29% comes from renewable sources. We are hoping to shift more toward renewable energy sources to make energy generation more secure and sustainable for the future.

Energy Pie Chart

The ECO scheme is set to run for 4 years, until March 2022, and OFGEM have recently published figures stating that Environmental Schemes that were administered during 2016/17 were valued at £7 billion. The main focus is to bring all fuel poor homes to an EPC rating of C where possible, with many homes qualifying for more than one measure - the infographic below shows us how many energy efficiency measures were installed under past ECO schemes up to September 2018.

eco measures installed

We are hoping this trend will increase even more as we move into ECO3 as homes that are not up to regulation in one kind of insulation will generally qualify for another kind - eg. Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation - as well as a possible heating system upgrade where the funding allows.

If you would like to look into the current round of ECO funding you can take our two-minute funding check by clicking 'Funding Check' at the top of the page or clicking here