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22nd November 2017
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Are you being hounded by cold calls about replacing your boiler?

W e understand that it can be frustrating to get numerous calls a day about a scheme you may not qualify for, so we want to take you through a short tutorial to register for TPS and give you some peace of mind. If you are unsure if you qualify for any funding, you can find out hassle free by checking the qualifying criteria or taking our online eligibility checker.

What is TPS?

TPS stands for the Telephone Preference Service, it is a free UK register used to opt out of unsolicited marketing or sales calls. By law all companies and organisations must not make calls to those registered with TPS without consent, or they may face huge fines. Once registering it will be placed on the 'do not call' list immediately but may take up to 28 days to come into full effect for the chosen number, which can be a home number or a mobile

How Do I Register?

You can register by post, by writing to Telephone Preference Service, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SS, or you can call the registration hotline on 0345 070 0707. We are going to take you through the method for registering through the website today, and it shouldn't take any longer than 5 minutes.

1. Visit the TPS Online Website

You can find it by clicking here, googling 'register for TPS', or typing the URL into your search bar as shown below.

2. Click Register

To start the process, click 'Register' to the left hand side of the page
Click Register

3. Choose your type of phone line

Choose the option that best applies to your phone line, for most home phones or mobiles the best option will be Residential, but if you use your phone for business too you can choose the Sole Trader option. Click Residential

4. Enter your number

Enter your number, not the number of the companies that are calling you. You can register more than one number at the same time. Type phone number

5. Enter your address

Enter the postcode your phone number is registered to. Enter postcode

6. Choose your address

Click the arrow to the right of the box and choose your address from the dropdown menu. Address dropdown box

7. Choose your reason for registering

In the case of numerous calls a day to do with boiler funding, the best one to choose would be 'to stop unwanted telephone marketing calls' but choose the option that best suits you. Registering reason

8. Where did you hear about TPS?

If your first time hearing about TPS is through this blog, you can choose Other and type 'Facebook', if you have heard about it before choose the option which applies to you Where did you hear about TPS

9. Confirm your registration

You should see a summary of the phone numbers and address that you want to register to the TPS database. Now enter your name and email address below and click continue, after a couple of minutes you should get an email through with a link to complete your registration - if you don't receive it remember to check your junk folder. Confirmation

All done! Now you are registered, you should see a gradual decrease in the amount of telesales calls you are receiving, as it takes 28 days to fully come into effect. If you have any questions about registering for TPS, or finding out about what kind of funding you might be eligible for you can contact us on our Live Chat or via our Facebook Inbox