What You Need To Know About ECO

AGAs, Stanleys and Rayburns now qualify
AGA’s, Stanleys and Rayburns now Qualify
7th August 2017
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5th October 2017

So, you keep getting cold calls and automated messages from green energy companies promising you that you can get your oil or LPG boiler replaced for free or with a small contribution fee.

S ounds too good to be true, doesn't it? If you've found this page you're probably interested in the scheme or you're checking that you aren't getting scammed by some cold caller. Well, let me reassure you - you arent!

Provided that you and your property fits the correct criteria you will be able to access the ECO funding pot to make energy efficient improvements to your home.

The government ECO scheme was introduced in 2013 to reduce the energy bills of those struggling to heat their homes with old or inefficient boilers; it has since been hailed as a huge success and the criteria was recently expanded to include people with higher household incomes and a wider variety of benefits. Here at Rural Funding Services we are dedicated to allocating this funding to the most rural areas of the country while it remains available, by partnering with OFTEC and GAS SAFE engineers who are specialised in dealing with the more complex heating systems found in rural areas.

Below we have listed some of the most important points of the ECO scheme to help you figure out of you would qualify for any funding:

1.Unfortunately the 'free boiler scheme' is not available to everyone, someone registered to your household must be in receipt of certain government credits, for example if your grandma receives Pension Credit Guarantee then your household would be eligible for that funding. You can find a full list of eligible credits here.

2.Only homeowners and private tenants are eligible - we are not able to offer this scheme to those living in the Housing Association as the responsbility falls with them to make sure the heating system is up to date.

3.The boiler must be over 5 years old to be able to be replaced - this is the age where the government deems a boiler has lost enough efficiency that a replacement would give the homeowners significant energy savings.

4.. The Big 6 energy providers have created the funding pot and there is £1.3 billion available for every year of the scheme; they are set carbon emissions targets by the government each year and risk huge fines if they don't meet these quotas.

5.The process is simple, free and relatively fast - from initial contact with a funding manager your boiler will be installed around 4-6 weeks later and all survey/installation dates will be arranged at your convenience.

If think you would be eligible for the scheme and are interested in getting your boiler replaced, comment below or fill in our online query form here and one of our Funding Managers will be in touch to assist you.